elektropolerowanie, trawienie, pasywacja


It's immanent to steel processing to introduce impurities into surface of detail. Grease, residuals of grinding and polishing compositions, oxidation, inclusions of pure iron or other metals efficiently prevent natural built-up of protecting passivation layer what opens door to corrosion.

elektropolerowanie, trawienie, pasywacja


Quite frequently the default level of steel corrosion resistance is too low for given usage. Spontaneously created firm barrier layer of oxides protecting against steel corrosion is very thin and vulnerable to mechanical damage.

elektropolerowanie, trawienie, pasywacja


Besides galvanisation (plating), electropolishing is undoubtly the most advanced technique of electrochemical processing of metals.

elektropolerowanie, trawienie, pasywacja

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Ten zabieg pozwoli wszystkim naszym Klientom uzyskać bardziej kompleksową obsługę, co z kolei zoptymalizuje koszty. Śrutowaniem uzyskujemy jednorodną,nie ukierunkowaną powierzchnie o niskimstopniu połysku, wręcz matową nazywaną satyną.



ELEKTROPOL-R is a company specializing in electrochemical treatment of stainless steel and other ferrous metals. We provide our customers with high quality services of grinding, etching, galvanizing, passivating and electropolishing of items made of stainless steel or similar industrial alloys.

ELEKTROPOL-R was established in 1982 and since then it is efficiently adopting new market and technology ideas. Our excepctional professional experience makes us capable of handling even most sophisticated requests of our demanding customers.