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Electrochemical treatment

Elektropol-R is the first company in Poland to have used the unique process of internal electropolishing of acid-resistant pipes.

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About us


ELEKTROPOL-R is a company specializing in electrochemical treatment of stainless steel and other ferrous metals. We provide our customers with high quality services of grinding, etching, galvanizing, passivating and electropolishing of items made of stainless steel or similar industrial alloys.

ELEKTROPOL-R was established in 1982 and since then it is efficiently adopting new market and technology ideas. Our excepctional professional experience makes us capable of handling even most sophisticated requests of our demanding customers.



The reliability, experience and state-of-the-art service quality are the markups of our company. We offer a solid range of electrochemical treatments of steel: etching, electro-polishing, and passivation (anodizing). Stainless steel treatment is our specialty. We deliver highest quality based on many years of practice, professional background and in-house built know-how. We invest in modern technologies, always try to adapt to new market trends, and carefully maintain competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, so every request is individually considered and appropriate solution proposed on the basis of critical-to-quality inquiry. Steel etching is a method of cleaning metal from corrosion deposits through chemical or electro-chemical reactions with appropriate solutions based on mineral acids. 


Electro-polishing is advanced electrochemical process resulting in fine surface appearance. Mirror-like look of stainless steel is very hard to be achieved with pure mechanical methods, so electrochemical treatment is considered the method of choice when extremely fine surface finish is a must. We encourage you to go through details of our offer. We did our best to construct it in a comprehensive manner. Should you have any interest or hesitation, do not miss to contact us - we will be proud to provide you satisfactory solution even in case of the most demanding challenge.