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Electrochemical treatment

Elektropol-R is the first company in Poland to have used the unique process of internal electropolishing of acid-resistant pipes.

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Object before (left image) and after etching.

It's immanent to steel processing to introduce impurities into surface of detail. Grease, residuals of grinding and polishing compositions, oxidation, inclusions of pure iron or other metals efficiently prevent natural built-up of protecting passivation layer what opens door to corrosion. Mechanical cleaning is usually unsuccessful and in case of complex shapes is difficult or expensive or risky due to possible damage of detail. In practice, electrochemical etching was proven to be the most efficient and cost effective way of cleaning surface of steel details from corrosion promoting impurities. Moreover, electrochemical etching improves the look of the surface, smoothes sharp edges, removes colour stains from welds or cuts and appropriately prepares the surface for next steps of the processing chain like passivation or electropolishing.