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Electrochemical treatment

Elektropol-R is the first company in Poland to have used the unique process of internal electropolishing of acid-resistant pipes.

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Results of passivation after etching.

 Results of passivation after electroppolishing.

Quite frequently the default level of steel corrosion resistance is too low for given usage. Spontaneously created firm barrier layer of oxides protecting against steel corrosion is very thin and vulnerable to mechanical damage. In case of unfavourable conditions like high moisture or contact with saltwater or other aggresive media there is a good risk of protection layer damage and consequently - corrosion. Electrochemical passivation is economically efficient and exceptionally effective method of improving natural corrosion resistance of metals. It is possible to increase the thickness of steel protection layer tenfold and provide its appropriate hardness and firmness. Such a protection layer is an excellent barrier against most common environmental corrosion factors. Electrochemical passivation has no impact on shape of processed detail - only its surface proprieties are modified in a positive manner.