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Electrochemical treatment

Elektropol-R is the first company in Poland to have used the unique process of internal electropolishing of acid-resistant pipes.

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Electrochemical surface finishing of metals has been developed in ELEKTROPOL-R for nearly twenty years. During this period we have gained a remarkable professional experience. We have developed a set of unique proprietary technologies giving us significant advantage over our competitors. Indeed, we are able to propose reasonable prices for the highest quality avaliable on the market!

We provide the following manufacturing services:

  • metal surface etching
  • metal surface passivating
  • metal surface electropolishing
We are also able to adjust these constraints for a serious customer.

Extraordinary we are one of a few companies worldwide providing etching, passivating and electropolishing of long details (up to 6 meters length) made of chromium-nickel steel. At the moment we are the one and only Polish firm providing such a service. Our offer is very competitive comparing to some foreign competitors!

Electrochemical surface finishing of metals is expecially useful for the following industries:

  • production of medicals
  • laboratory equipment manufaturing
  • milk processing and diary
  • chemical engineering
  • semiconductors industry
  • food processing
  • car industry
  • construction industry
  • biochemistry and biotechnology